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Equal Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance
University of Mississippi



Please direct any comments/questions regarding our website to: Specific questions regarding Title IX, Affirmative Action, employment discrimination or harassment may also be directed to You may also contact:


Gene Rowzee – Interim Director of EORC

Honey Ussery – Assistant Director of EORC/Title IX Coordinator



EORC is responsible for the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the University’s Affirmative Action Program and to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

EORC’s mission is to ensure the university’s compliance with federal regulations regarding fair treatment of faculty, staff, and students; to ensure equal employment opportunity and to ensure equal access to a quality education for students. EORC is also responsible for investigating complaints of discrimination and serves as a liaison between the university and federal enforcement agencies concerned with equal opportunity and non-discrimination.

If you need special assistance related to a disability, please contact or visit our office: